What is the best length for videos on Facebook?

length of facebook video ads

It is said that the shorter the length of Facebook video ads, the better the completion rate. But for Facebook, the scenario may change. Kinetic Social analyzed 2 billion Facebook ad impressions to gain insights into ad trends and brand strategies. Kinetic Social is a programmatic social media platform that delivers paid social ads.

The study on Facebook ad spending revealed that video ads ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes or more are popular among viewers.

Of the 30- to 60-second video ads analyzed, almost half (or 44%) were viewed to completion by audiences. Meanwhile, those that ran 30 seconds or less saw a 26% completion rate. Surprisingly, video ads that lasted two minutes or longer had the second-best completion rate of 31%.

The data suggests that viewers are more likely to watch longer video ads on Facebook than shorter ones. Brands should consider creating videos that are at least 30 seconds long, as these ads have the highest completion rates.

However, it’s important to note that engagement rates may vary based on the ad’s content and target audience. Brands should use this data as a starting point to experiment with different ad lengths and formats to see what works best for their specific audience.

In a separate survey from Animoto, within the next 12 months, 70.8% of respondents said they plan to invest in social video ads overall, including ads to boost content. And Facebook is most likely to benefit from this intent; 65.8% of those who planned to do social video advertising planned to use it.