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Real-time reporting and analytics: Publishers can access real-time data and insights on their ad performance, revenue, and audience demographics.

Ad revenue optimization: Publishers can increase their revenue by optimizing their ad inventory and maximizing ad fill rates.

Flexible ad formats: Publishers can choose from a variety of ad formats, including display, video, and native ads, to best suit their content and audience.

Ad fraud protection: Publishers can protect their ad inventory from fraud, ensuring that they are only paid for valid ad impressions.

Mobile optimization: Publishers can optimize their ad inventory for mobile devices, reaching a wider audience and increasing revenue potential.

Global monetization: Publishers can monetize their ad inventory globally, reaching a wider audience and earning revenue from international advertisers.

Customizable ad targeting: Publishers can target specific audiences using demographic, geographic, and behavioral data, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of their ads.

Advanced ad tagging: Publishers can use advanced ad tagging technologies to ensure that their ads are delivered to the right audience and in the right context.

Customizable ad layouts: Publishers can choose from a variety of ad layouts and design options, including custom sizes and placements, to best suit their content and audience.

Integration with other platforms: Publishers can integrate their ad inventory with other platforms, such as social media and email marketing, to increase their reach and revenue potential.

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