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Dear Publishers,

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RITS Ads Optimization Team


5 easy steps to increase your revenue.


Dear Publishers, here are 5 magical steps to increase your revenue from RITS Ads:

1. Use maximum 3/4 ads in a single page.
2. Get Traffic from English Speaking Countries.
3. Publish fresh content.
4. Place ad tag near to your content or place it on always visible place like sticky ads.
5. Do not use same size ads more than twice.

Enjoy your earning from RITS Ads.

They made the ad for Baby Stroller but they Sell Something Else….


Does your baby need a stroller that comes with 4-by-4 suspension, a sandbox, a holographic projector and a bubble machine?

In our tech-crazed society, where everyone grows up to be an astronaut or coder, such a contraption—dubbed the “Latot” in ads from The Martin Agency—seems like a quasi-reasonable proposition. (WeeBabe would sell out of them in 15 minutes.) Alas, it isn’t real. It’s the central gimmick in an amusing parody campaign for an entirely different type of consumer service, one that has nothing to do with babies.

In a somewhat risky move, the identity of the actual client is kept hidden until viewers (the YouTube channel’s name is a giveaway, though). Even on the landing page, it takes a few seconds before the “Stroll Into Greatness” line and tyke testimonial—”I’m no genius. I’m a baby. But this thing is genius”—make way for the reveal.

Ultimately, visitors are counseled not to be “oversold” but to focus on “everything you need and nothing you don’t” as they make their buying decision—on wireless service, as it turns out. I credit Martin for sustaining the metaphor in fun fashion across diverse channels. It’s certainly succeeded at creating desire, though not so much for the actual product (which, if I understand correctly, doesn’t come with a sandbox or bubble machine).

Client: Total Wireless
Creative: The Martin Agency
Social: Weber Shandwick
Landing Page: PJA